Trauma Support Video Series

These videos were a collective effort between Aziza Bisanz and I, with the support of Layla Feghali. They were inspired by the people in Beirut after the Beirut Explosion this past August and are for anyone in the world experiencing anxiety, a sense of disconnection, deep sadness or who wants to practice presence and grounding. These videos are in English with subtitles in Arabic. Please view the intro video (below) and full series on our HUB “resilience” page. We hope you find them to be supportive. 

Also they literally could not have been made were it not for the support (that came in various ways) from the following: Susan Baghdadi, Raghda Butro, Rula Hiyari, Majd Manaa, Mahey Gheis, Tala Ascender, Sophie Jubeh, Doha Abu-Summaqah, Agnes Artoonian, Tara Tabassi, and Sia Hanna. 

This video offers an introduction to some basics about shock trauma and the somatic perspective on how to work with feelings and sensations in the body that may arise after a traumatic event. This is a basic and general overview that was created for people in Beirut after the Beirut explosion but will likely be useful for anyone who has experienced a high impact traumatic event (or on-going events like this), who is experiencing feeling disconnected or ungrounded or who just wants to practice more presence and grounding. This video by no means covers all of the experiences one might have after a traumatic event or on-going traumatic events nor all of the available approaches for supporting different individuals healing.

Visit the to learn more about these videos, and an herbal guide called “Li Beirut” that you can pre order through a form on the site, or browse it’s pages through the linked page from the Swana Ancestral Hub.

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