Lent – Spring

Growing up for Lent, we were often encouraged to give something up for the 40 day fast before Easter.  Giving up chocolate for an extended period of time, for me is always a big accomplishment.  While I haven’t fasted or given anything up for lent in a very long time, I am fascinated by the origins of these rituals.  Apparently, this one has its origins in the incoming of Spring, the death and resurrection of the earth, and the celebration of life renewed again.  Traditionally, during lent people would fast from meat, and even at times dairy products.  This also makes sense to me as spring would be abundant with fresh greens and produce, that weren’t available in the winter, making this a great time to cleanse from the heaviness of the last season.  

In other thoughts, aren’t these spider orchids magical? Found them in the forest in Dibeen recently!

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