Palestinian Films – a non exhaustive list

I took these lists, copied and pasted from some I saw on social media. Will keep adding to it. We have been trying to tell our stories for so long. Please watch, and listen!

You can also get a subscription to which is not only Palestinian films, it is SWANA cinema in general. I got mine recently and am loving the selection there!


Speed Sisters –

The Judge –

Advocate –

Budrus –

Nayla and the Uprising –

Our Neighborhood –

Wanted 18 –

The Law in these Parts –…/amzn1.dv.gti.40a9f7a8-7b84…

5 Broken Cameras –

Slingshot HipHop –

Trip Along Exodus –

Til Kigndom Come –

Mayor –…/amzn1.dv.gti.44bb7050-2019…

Jenin Jenin (which has been banned in Israel) –

Ghost Hunting (available on Shahid platform) –

They Do Not Exist –

Gaza fights for freedom:

Ibrahim a fate to define –,0,2805ff1b469e0f9bf468a48f26f12911c06dbe2b:28a4aeff7367f5022edbcc69bf58f340ce5f99c3,2805ff1b469e0f9bf468a48f26f12911c06dbe2b:28a4aeff7367f5022edbcc69bf58f340ce5f99c3,unknown,

A World Not Ours –

Gaza Surf Club –


Omar –

Salt of This Sea –

When I saw you –

Paradise Now –

Wajib –…/amzn1.dv.gti.b4b510dd-132e… and

200 meters –

Junction 48 –

Ajami –

Tel Aviv under Fire –

Amreeka –

3000 Nights – and

Wedding in Galilee –

Between Heaven and Earth (Available on Shahid platform) –

Mafak (Screwdriver) –

The Reports on Sarah and Saleem –

It must be Heaven –

Eyes of a Thief –

Pomegranates and Myrrh –

Giraffada –

The Time that Remains – or

Junction 48 –


The Parrot –

The Present (available on Netflix) –… and

Bonbone –

A Drowning Man –

5 boys and a wheel –

Ibrahim a fate to define –,0,2805ff1b469e0f9bf468a48f26f12911c06dbe2b:28a4aeff7367f5022edbcc69bf58f340ce5f99c3,2805ff1b469e0f9bf468a48f26f12911c06dbe2b:28a4aeff7367f5022edbcc69bf58f340ce5f99c3,unknown,

Nightmares of Gaza –

Ave Maria –


A few crumbs for the birds –

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