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PARTING THE DEAD SEA is a short film that explores the grief that comes with the erasure of identity and diaspora. Writer / Director – Deema Dabis, Producer – Cherien Dabis, Rula Nasser. More on this project coming soon…
SHAKE, A short film by Deema Dabis
A gripping portrait of an encounter between Kareemah, a Palestinian American fire spinner, visiting her homeland for the first time, and an Israeli border guard.
A short promo video discussing the importance and content of the Native Plants 101 course offered by Deema Assaf of Tayyun, and Rana Beiruti of Platform. I also created a second promo video for the course, which can be found here.
I shot, and edited these videos, from start to finish.
Introductory video for a series of prenatal yoga workout videos by bodymindmaha. I produced, directed, and edited these videos.
Trailer for FROM THE MOUNTAIN is a short film I produced about Sultan Al Atrash, the leader of the Great Syrian Revolt of 1925 against the French. The film is directed by his great grandson Faisal Attrache.
Music video I directed and edited for Jordanian musician Tareq. 2019
A brief look into the style of Mijwez keyboard used by the Arab reggae/hip-hop/debka collective 47SOUL, includes musical artists “Z the People”, Tareq Abu Kwaik “El Far3i” Hamza Arnaout “Al Jihaz and Walaa Sbeit “Ministry of Dubkey”. Produced/Directed by Deema Dabis and Zach Jama.
Throwback to a film school, short, personal documentary, that asks the question “what is home”?
Directed by Deema Dabis
Produced and shot by Natalie Al Shami

Check out my IMDB page for further information on my film work.

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