I believe we live in an age where different kinds of intelligence are taking center stage, emotional, somatic (body),and earthly intelligence.  This kind of intelligence has always been around. Indigenous societies knew so, and used this intelligence to understand the world, themselves, and their relationships. Yet we live in a world deeply disconnected, that really only validates mental ways of knowing, above all else. Logic is important too, yet when we dismiss all the other ways of knowing, we make ourselves small, we start to see the world in black and white, and we use this distorted thinking to create divisive stories about ourselves, and our world.

Stories are built on emotions, and both exist in our bodies.  Through accepting whatever emotions and traumas attached to the stories inside of us, we can move these stories through the body and mind, right on to changing our behavior.   Thus we are able to effectively share our stories and reclaim the narrative.  When we reconnect to the wisdom of our ancestors, that lives in our bodies, comes through our dreams, life themes, hidden desires, and our relationship with earth, wherever that might be, we bring deep healing to ourselves, our lineages, and our world.

I guide groups and individuals through workshops, circles, and retreats that aid us to connect, through our emotions, to the stories and ancestral wisdoms that live in our bodies.  This can help create better self / worldly -connection, assist in processing an emotion through embodied movement or the experience of writing a story or screenplay. In addition to this, I have mentored groups of youth, and journalists, through the process of making a film from A to Z, using very simple equipment like a smartphone, to make storytelling accessible to all. 

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Below is an outline of my previous facilitation experience.

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